Press Release

Wicklow Countryside Powerscourt Castle, Ireland

Pastor Gary: First let me just say that I am honored that you asked me to interview you. I believe your story will have an enormous impact on young people preparing for their future. You have a beautiful home! The views of the rolling hills are spectacular!

Sara: Thank you Pastor. It is such a blessing to be close enough to family to spend regular time together.

Pastor Gary: I understand you have recently returned from a volleyball tour in Asia. How does it feel to be playing volleyball for Athletes in Action.

Sara: I just feel so blessed! Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get be an ambassador for Jesus, travel the world delivering the message of love and hope, and play volleyball! It is a dream come true. Each time I look over to see my two precious angels and my husband in the stands cheering my heart just overflows with joy. You see, athletics and faith have really been a major part of my life all along. I grew up on the volleyball court and softball diamond watching my parents play. I started playing volleyball in elementary school, and fell in love with the sport, but all through highschool, college, and beyond. I was always playing for myself and the recognition of others. Now I am playing for an ‘Audience of One.’  I have seen so many lives touched by this program. I am so happy to be a part of it.

Pastor Gary: So tell me how volleyball and your faith became connected?vball court

Sara: Gosh, looking back, it makes me realize just how amazing God is. I was raised in the Lutheran faith, but church was always just something that we just had to do; part of the normal routine. It was 1990 when volleyball and faith would become forever connected. It was a Sunday, and I had sprained my ankle playing volleyball. My mom had been watching Mac Hammond, the pastor of Living Word Christian Church, on some Sundays when she would stay home. She pleaded with my Dad for us to stay home from church and watch it on TV instead due to my sprained ankle. He reluctantly gave in, but the message spoke to him and soon our family was commuting over an hour every Sunday to attend this new exciting church. Can you believe that a sprained ankle is what it took to get my Dad to see another church, which let to him giving his life to the Lord?

Pastor Gary: Knowing your Dad, and his heart for the church, it really is pretty cool.

Sara: I am just now realizing how amazing it is to think that with all my Dad has done for me to help me develop my faith, that in a very indirect way, me playing volleyball, and getting injured, is what led him to the Lord. And now, after 15 years, I finally realize that I want to get back to volleyball as a means for leading others to the Lord as well.

Pastor Gary: How did you arrive at that realization?

Sara: It all came about through a rigorous retraining of my mental attitude. I learned some powerful life-changing skills through a scholarship I received through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance System. For that I am eternally grateful to the founders Mark and Davene Janusewski, and to my dear friend Lori Enrico for sharing the opportunity with me. It was one of the most mentally intensive experiences I have ever been through, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Before taking the course, I was on the verge of depression and having anxiety attacks that I had never experienced before. Within a week, I found a sense of renewed hope. As the course progressed I became more empowered and learned that I have access to unlimited power to change my circumstances, but it has to come from within.

Pastor Gary: Interesting. Can you elaborate on that?

Sara: Well, let’s go back to Genesis. Before creation, there was thought. God spoke his thought and it became matter. So the world without is the effect. The world within is the cause. Man was created in the image of God. We also then, possess that same inherent ability to create and it all starts with thought.

Pastor Gary: I understand you have also been able to pay off every account to a zero balance including the mortgage on your beautiful home here in Northfield and you’re not even 40! That must feel amazing!

Sara: Well Pastor, I feel like I have climbed Mt Everest and I am literally on top of the world! It feels like a 1,000 pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t really ever have any knowledge of financial management growing up. victoryLooking back, I always worked really hard to earn the money to do the things I wanted to do, but I never put any money away. I left to start college, and little did I know I was signing myself into financial prison with the first student loan I accepted.

Pastor Gary: How did you do it?

Sara: It was the mental restructuring and retraining again that I learned through the MKMMA system. Thought plus emotion equals belief. Once I learned that all, initially, I just started focusing on having every account PAID IN FULL, and attached the emotion to the thought. I also became an extravagant giver. Pretty soon things started to change. I became a magnet for opportunity. My coaching business started to flourish, and I started receiving invitations to speak to athletes and coaches teach them about applying the same principles that worked for me. Money started coming in faster than I could keep track of it.

Pastor Gary: Thank you Sara for sharing these intimate details of your life. It has been my pleasure to get to know you at a deeper level.

Sara: The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I hope that my story will bless those who have a chance to hear it.


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