Inspiration – MKMMA Wk 17


What motivates you?

What inspires you?

What moves you to take action?

These are the things I love to learn about my clients. I have worked for many years in the arena of health and wellness, specifically in weight loss. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of people, seeing their lives transform right before my eyes. Being overweight brings so many residual emotional side effects as well as the more evident physical ones. If I could pinpoint a common theme to what I have taken away from the MKMMA experience so far, it would be that everything starts in the mind. Once a person makes the decision they are ready for positive change in their life, I get to go to work helping them uncover what has been blocking them from attaining their ultimate goal. Those of us experiencing the MKMMA course know, of course, that we are truly our only obstacle, and it is our thinking that keeps us stuck or propels us forward.

What is fascinating is that some people are motivated by pleasure, but most people are motivated by pain. When it comes to the issue of weight loss, most of the time there is a defining moment for a person that things get to a certain point where that spark goes off in their mind that enough is enough and they take the first step toward getting help or making choices that will get them out of the position they have found themselves in. Sometimes it is a hurtful comment, sometimes it is an embarrassing situation like not being able to fit into an airplane seat or a ride at the fair with their kids. I have wondered why it has to come to this. Why is it that people are not motivated by the idea of living life to the fullest, having abundant energy, peaceful sleep, and a body free of pain?

Sometimes is my travels, I encounter people, and they begin talking about something they would like to be different in their lives. Sometimes I think there might be a sign on my forehead that reads, “Please tell me everything.” I love it, though. I love finding out what people’s goals and dreams are and what is getting in the way of them accomplishing those goals and dreams. One of my favorite questions is, “So, what is stopping you from making that happen?” Of course, there can be a whole host of answers depending on the situation, but ultimately, they are usually excuses that outweigh their desire for change.

I was talking to a lady while I was waiting to board my flight and she told me how she was going to visit her son and grandkids in Phoenix. Keep in mind this is January and she and I both happen to live in MN where it was below zero most of last week. She went on to tell me how she and her husband are both retired and it should be them living somewhere warm. Naturally I asked her what was keeping her from moving. She said they have a large house and it will be quite a process. I got the impression that she has a lot of stuff and would need to downsize. OK? What about selling the house furnished, or having a moving sale? She said, yes, maybe, but I would still have to go through what pictures we would take with us. Oh my word. I had a hard time understanding how “stuff” could be keeping this woman from being there to watch her grandkids grow up.  I pray that she will find her inspiration while she visits them over the next two weeks to start the process of leaving stuff behind to go make memories that will last forever.

I am so thankful to be a part of this course and to have rediscovered my true purpose of coaching people into their fullness of life and helping to ignite their inspiration. It is truly a blessing. Often times the first point of contact I have with someone is when they decide to lose weight, but in the process I get to be there as they transform and shed those pounds that were holding them hostage in their own body. In a way it is a similar process to what I have experienced in the MKMMA course. Even though for me, extra pounds wasn’t what was holding me back, I have gone through a mental diet and detoxification process that has freed me to uncover my true purpose and be able to walk in my gifts to help make the world a better place.

Have a great week!



Breakthrough – MKMMA Wk 16


I have chosen this title for this weeks topic based on the Law of Growth: Whatever I think about grows. I need a breakthough, so I will put my focus and attention toward “Breakthrough.”

I could let shame win and keep it a secret that I need a breakthrough, but that would be exactly what the enemy of our mind wants. Instead, I choose to operate in courage and bring it to the light to squelch the power of darkness.

I have experienced some intense pain this week, and I have also experienced intense joy. I find that each time I press through the pain and choose to keep moving forward, there is a breakthrough right around the corner.

BreakthroughI am also grateful for some strategies that I learned this week to take control and be the observer of those painful emotions rather than let them affect me like they once did.

I even came to a point where I felt I needed to find somewhere else to stay to escape from the pain. I believe these intense painful emotions are spirits or pain bodies that are here to steal my joy, and create strife, discord, and chaos in my family. I am done with them. The enemy has been warned. If he is going to inflict pain on me and my family, I will take a break, but it will be to go out, change somebody’s life, and make the world a better place.

breakthrough quote


Think, Act, Change – MKMMA Wk 15


Everything begins with thought. Everything. Thoughts can bring bliss or they can bring agony. I have experienced both particularly this week. I will tell you it might not be the best idea to embark on a new venture while 6 months pregnant. Talk about hormone overload! One day I can feel like I am invincible and the next defeated. Heck, it might even be one minute to the next sometimes.

Then, I have to re-center and come back to my Why, back to my PPNs (Personal Pivotal Needs). Why did I decide to take on this new venture? Because I my needs are liberty and true health. Because, my husband spends most days working from 9am until it’s time to eat, then usually goes back to work until 9 or 10pm. We have been fortunate to earn a lot of income, but after overhead and taxes, there isn’t even enough left over to save anything for our future. I know we are not the only ones in this position. I believe there are millions of people out there struggling to make ends meet, wondering if there is a better way. Meanwhile there are millions suffering all over the world without food or clean water, because the people that are called to rescue them are stuck in unfulfilling jobs to barely keep afloat.

Being short on funds isn’t the worst thing, especially if you have your loved ones. I imagine mom’s that have to wake their kids up before they’re done sleeping to rush off to daycare and leave them all day. Some days they cry and say, “Mommy, I want to come with you! Don’t go!” But she has to. She holds it together just long enough to get into her car, and the tears start to fall. She wants to be with her babies, but she has to sit in traffic, spend the entire day with people she doesn’t care to much for, only to make it home in time to throw something together for dinner, hurry to get the kitchen cleaned up and kids bathed, maybe some play time that ends too quickly, a couple of stories before bed, and then it starts all over again the next day.

I do it for her. I do it for the people who know in their spirit there is something better out there for them. They are praying and waiting for an answer. If I don’t pick up the phone, or reach out to someone that crosses my path, they may have to keep waiting and praying for months or years. I am there to offer them a gift. Whether they choose to receive it is entirely up to them. I do it to prove to it is possible to escape one’s current situation, even if circumstances make it difficult to see how it will be accomplished. I do it to help unleash human potential for good.

I do it because I get to sleep until my little boy decides it’s time to get up, and I usually get to rock him to sleep every day for his nap, and I am there when he get up and comes out with his blanket with an enthusiastic yet sleepy, “Hi Mommy!” before climbing on my lap for some snuggles. I wouldn’t miss those moments for the world. I want that for every mom, if she wants it, and my heart aches for those that have to miss those moments because they are at their office J.O.B (Just Over Broke).

Let me tell you, if it can be done in your third trimester of pregnancy with a  strong-willed, very busy 2-year-old at home with you, just about anyone can make it happen for them to. As long as they truly want what they say they want.

Thinking about a goal and not having a plan of action can be excruciating. Executing a simple daily plan of action can and will lead to an extraordinary life. So what does it take? It depends on what a person wants. What kind of money would really make a difference in your life? I think we can all agree, most would answer even an extra $500 a month would make a difference. I love to show people that can be a reality for them in a matter of just a couple of short months. For me, it is an extra $1,000 per week to take some of the pressure off my husband, pay off debt, and start putting away for our future. And the really great news is that the same skills and tasks that it takes for me to reach that goal, will also take me to an extra $2,000 per week and more. That kind of money could bring at least one parent home if not both.

The only thing that will stand in my way is my own thinking; thinking about what needs to be done, but not taking ACTION. Allowing fear of what someone might think to prevent me from reaching out. On the flip side, having a plan of action in place and executing it without fail is incredibly empowering and satisfying. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you change your life? One consistently executed step at a time. I will persist. I will succeed. I will win.



MKMMA Wk 14 – “The Vehicle to Success”


This past month has put an emphasis on persistence in our reading of Og and our lessons. I chosen to view October Sky starring Jake Gyllenhaal as an example of how persistence pays off. It was a story of a teen boy named Homer, growing up in a coal-mining town where it is almost impossible for anyone to have a future in anything other than coal-mining unless they were an exceptional athlete that might be able to get a football scholarship.

One night Homer sees the Sputnik satellite flying over a clear starlit night sky. He becomes totally enamored with the idea of space, which couldn’t be further from his reality of a future in coal-mining. He decides he wants to build a rocket. From the very beginning he is met with resistance and disapproval, especially from his father, who happens to be the head of the coal-mining operation.

Despite peer pressure, he risks his reputation to befriend the school outcast and begin his journey of learning about rocketry. Homer and his new scholarly friend begin exprimenting. Two of his buddies reluctantly, at first, tag along. Soon he learns from his teacher that if he wins the science fair, he will be able to compete nationally and have the chance to win a college scholarship. He begins building rockets that fail one after another. His father bans him from building any more rockets on the towns property which forces him to walk 8 miles one way with all of his tools and supplies. He is arrested and accused of starting a forest fire. His father sustains a head injury that leaves him no choice but to do what he dreads and go to work in the mines to support his family.

In the end, nothing that happened to him was able to squelch his dream. The “Rocket Boys” go on to win the science fair, and Homer gets to travel to Indiana to enter in the National Science Fair. As a result of his continued persisence, he wins the national science fair, is awarded a college scholarship, and even the respect and admiration of his father along with his entire town.

Great dreams will be met with great obstacles. Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. -Bill Bradley First, you have to have a dream. If it has been hibernating, revive it and go after it with perisitence!



MKMMA Week 13 – “Gratitude”

gratitude baby

Our assignment this week is my favorite thing we have done so far. We are directed to write three new things we are grateful for each day after reading our lesson and meditation time.

Gratitude is such a powerful emotion, and it feels so good, I just feel my heart warming when I am truly grateful.  The best part is, when we focus on the things we are grateful for, we attract more things to add to our gratitude. Is the photo above not one of the most precious things you have ever seen? I imagine this baby may have very little in possession, but I can just feel the gratitude in his heart instantly when I look at it.

This week is an easy one to express gratitude. Today is Christmas eve. There are dozens of presents under the tree. We are gathering with family tonight and tomorrow. I have an amazing husband, a precious little boy, and another baby on the way. Our fridge and pantry are stocked, we are all healthy, we have warm beds to sleep in, warm clothes to wear, but most of all it is the reason for Christmas that I am most grateful for.

It was over 2,000 years ago, Mary and Joseph were on their way to Bethlehem. I imagine the discomfort Mary must have felt with the birth of her precious baby just hours away. I know how uncomfortable that time can be, but I can’t imagine what it must have been like riding on a donkey, thinking each place they stopped, she would be able to lay down on a bed and rest, but instead being turned away only to continue on wondering when and where their long journey would end.

I imagine Joseph must have been panicking on the inside, but needing to remain calm to keep Mary from being troubled. They finally reach the stable where they could rest their bodies and their minds. And then….in the silence of the night, they hear the first cry of their baby boy. After 400 years of silence and separation from God, he was there among them. I can only imagine the  joy and gratitude they must have felt. I imagine Jesus as a little boy must have demonstrated gratitude much like the little boy in the sand. Take a few minutes and listen to this song  Winter Snow.  It has become my new favorite.

I hope you have much to be grateful for this season. If you don’t, begin focusing only on the things you have to express your gratitude for, no matter how small, and I assure you, you will find more and more reasons to be grateful will soon be heading your way.

Merry Christmas and Blessings to you and yours.



MKMMA Week 12 – “Transition to Transformation


Are my PPN’s right?

What if it was my old blueprint that composed my DMP?

Did we make a mistake by moving back to Minnesota?

What am I supposed to be doing?

These are just a few of the doubts that I have been wrestling with over the past few weeks. Finally…..this week I had a huge breakthrough! There have been so many questions running through my mind about what my future would hold. My identity has been completely turned upside down within the past two years of between moving to a new state, leaving a full-time job that I absolutely loved, getting pregnant and becoming a mother to a beautiful little boy, moving back to my home state, but coming from a city with a population of 55,000 to a small town with a population of 5,000.

I had a great set up in Colorado; an amazing church, nursery school, gym and workout plan, grocery delivery service, regular cleaning lady, amazing weather, parks, beautiful mountain views, great friends.

Moving back to Minnesota from Colorado absolutely rocked my world. The past six months have been the biggest emotional rollercoaster ride I have ever been on. I am so thankful to have been introduced to the MKMMA Experience. To be honest I am not sure where I would be right now without it. Over the past week I have reflected on all the things I have learned over the past 7 years; literally hundreds of hours worth of training, yet I was still stuck. I didn’t have the missing link. Now it all makes sense. I have a clear understanding of the key ingredient to creating a life of your dreams… Creative thought, protected from the toxic thoughts we are bombarded with from all directions: the media, wrong beliefs, the enemy of our mind (the prince of lies), negative people.

Could it really be that simple? Yes and no. Yes, everything starts with thought. Thought (our inner world) is the cause and circumstances and our outer world, are the effect. But, it takes some serious effort to break the old mold of incorrect thinking and literally rewire the brain. It is like I am undergoing a gradual brain surgery. My pastor used to say, “Wherever you go, there you are.” There is no escaping your thoughts, and when they are perpetually negative and toxic, you can literally create your own personal hell. They simply must be replaced constantly with positive, nourishing thoughts.


What exactly do those thought look like though? That is what I have had the pleasure to be creating over these past 12 weeks. That is really what the MKMMA course is all about. They are within all us. They just have to be extracted from under the rubble that life has heaped on us.

This week brought with it a manifestation of my PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs) that gave me confirmation I was right about them in the first place. My purpose has been reawakened, but this time, I have the key ingredient. There is no stopping me now. I am so excited for what the future holds!

MKMMA Week 11 – “Faith.”

faith definition

Our MKMMA lesson this week takes the meaning of affirmation to a whole new level. Our mental exercise this week is really quite cool. We are directed to meditate on the scripture Mark 11:24:


I have read this passage many times, but it has never really struck me with the magnitude that it did as I really focused on it in my quiet time this week.

As Hannel states in paragraph 18, “We are first to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled, its accomplishment will then follow.” To really grasp the full understanding of this truth is such a precious gift. I believe that God has instilled in us His creative power and the ability to bring about our desired circumstances, but it requires FAITH. Faith that what we desire is already accomplished, setting the law of attraction in motion for circumstances to align with what we believe is true. We need to believe and then we will see, not the other way around.

Isn’t it a relief to understand that we need not worry about how our desires will come to fruition? We just need to focus our thoughts on the desired outcome and the how will appear.

What are you believing for?



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