MKE Week 7 – “Decisions Determine Destiny”



One decision and BOOM, my life totally changed course over a matter of a couple of days. On Friday I was a stay at home mom, contemplating life, struggling through most days, trying to determine the next season of my life and what direction I wanted to go. Now it is Wednesday, just 5 days later and I am a practicing Life Coach! I should preface this by stating that I have been faithfully reading my purpose statement daily, which states my fulfillment practicing as a Life Coach for 10 hours per week. I am still a little bit in shock, but it’s like a light switch was flipped on inside of me and I am wide awake now!

It was Friday morning, and I was at home with my two boys on a typical day. My husband had left for work, and was planning on heading out for the night on a hunting trip and wouldn’t be home until late Saturday night. I reluctantly agreed to the trip to which I was given less than 24 hours notice. My boys are 2 1/2 and 5. This isn’t exactly an easy season. I can’t recall exactly what was going on that morning, but I was trying to get out the door to a friend’s house and both boys were not cooperating. In that moment, something rose up in me, and I realized that I was putting myself in the backseat. I texted my husband, told him how I felt, that I don’t want to be in this position anymore of scrambling to make plans so I am not stuck at home with two very spirited little boys for two days. About an hour later, I checked my phone and was somewhat shocked to read his response, that he had actually turned around, was heading back to the office and would be home by dinner time. Major guilt set in at first, that I had ruined his plans. A couple of hours later my brother invited me out for dinner. A conversation with a good, old friend, confirmed it was ok. I should go out with my brothers. Right about the same time, my husband offered to stay home with the boys so I could go. I had a birthday the previous Monday, and was feeling like I needed to be around a good, positive friend. I reached out to a somewhat new friend that I had met through one of my best friends, but really clicked. She is a beautiful, successful professional, and mom to two young girls. Not only is she fun to hang out with, but we are like minded, and both appreciate deep, intellectual conversation about real life. Turned out she was looking for something to do that night, so dinner with my brothers turned into a belated mini-birthday celebration. We had an awesome time having dinner and drinks in downtown St. Paul. On a side note, a good friend of hers also joined us, who had been needing to get his car to St. Paul and needed a ride back to the city where my friend lives. One of those stars aligned kind of nights.

My friend and I had planned to do a hike Saturday afternoon, but the weather didn’t cooperate and so she invited me to a vision board party that evening, where the conversation about dreams and aspirations started. The party was a good half hour away, so we carpooled from her place. When we got back, the conversation continued, and that something rose up again. She had started talking about a goal she had, that she wasn’t able to reach yet.  I believe I said that everywhere I go, I wind up coaching the people I talk to, whether they be friends or strangers. See? I am coaching you right now.  “Why do I keep giving my time away for free?” Soon after that she said, “Well, I have this goal, and I haven’t been able to reach it on my own. I want to hire you to help me. I don’t even know what you charge.” I said, “I don’t either, what is it worth to you to achieve your goal?” She fired a number back immediately. “Done.” It all happened so quick, but as soon as she hired me, I realized she is my ideal client. I want to work with high achievers, who have something they haven’t been able to figure out in their own thinking. And I get the privilege to come along side of them, and help them to examine any potential limiting beliefs that have been holding them back, edit the thoughts, collaborate on new strategies and watch them soar to new heights!

This might actually be the answer to my question, why in the world did I need to get a B.S. degree in Chemistry? As a college student, I did it because I was undecided on Law School, Grad School, or Med School. I knew I had passed courses more difficult than I would ever see in Medical School, and in my thinking, if I achieved the most difficult degree, I could have done any of the others. Now, I believe that qualifies me to coach the critical thinkers; the professionals; the world changers. The brilliance is already within the client. It is just my job to excavate the cement that is preventing them from shining their brightest. What is so amazing, that I have learned after just one session, is that in the process I become aware of my own cement, and I feel I will be shining brighter after every new session.

Og Mandinth[5]o, Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll I: “I am a new person, with a new life.” Indeed. Amazing.

Had I not shared how I truly felt, my husband wouldn’t have come home, and none of this would have happened. For that, I am eternally grateful to him for recognizing what I needed. Ultimately, by being true to my authentic self, the door to my destiny and true purpose was unlocked and I have chosen to walk through it. It is an exhilarating feeling!



One thought on “MKE Week 7 – “Decisions Determine Destiny””

  1. Self-directed thinking is definitely a major aim of the MKE program, Sara. It sounds as if you are experiencing the benefits of that kind of mindset. Congratulations on having such a memorable week! Great blog post! Looking forward to reading more. 🙂


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