“From Overwhelmed to Energized” MKE Wk 1

So this is a new start again. I began this journey 3 years ago in a different house, a different city, and one less child. It is refreshing to read the encouraging words from Scroll 1 again. I am shocked to the extent that I let a negative thought pattern creep back in after completing the first course. I am going to give myself some grace though. I had just had a new baby, and the transition from one child to two, followed by a rough patch of postpartum depression. I believe in the truth contained throughout this course. I am thankful to  be going thru it again, this time with my husband. I am hopeful, our reality will positively manifest two-fold.

I needed to write a new DMP (Definite Major Purpose) Statement and I had nothing, no idea whatsoever where to begin. My husband has been traveling since last Friday, so single parenting two little boys hasn’t exactly given me much time for reflection. I deeded to take them up to St Paul to see my brother’s new place near the beautiful Basilica and go for a walk along the river. We all had an amazing time. I think I must have caught some energy from the city or something. My boys peacefully fell asleep on the car ride home. I tucked them in, kicked up my feet in front of the fire and started writing…before I knew it my DMP was done. Ideas were flying out from my fingertips. I just have a totally renewed energy again for the first time is a really long time. As I said before, in my very first blog post, if this much positive impact can come from a single week, I can’t wait to see where I will be at the conclusion of this round of MKE in March 2019!


3 thoughts on ““From Overwhelmed to Energized” MKE Wk 1”

  1. A change of scenery seems to always make a difference in some way. Congratulations on the birth of your second child and coming back for more of the MKE. Since you’ve been here before, you know the ropes, so to speak, but, there are new”habits”, and desires that await…


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