“From Overwhelmed to Energized” MKE Wk 1

So this is a new start again. I began this journey 3 years ago in a different house, a different city, and one less child. It is refreshing to read the encouraging words from Scroll 1 again. I am shocked to the extent that I let a negative thought pattern creep back in after completing the first course. I am going to give myself some grace though. I had just had a new baby, and the transition from one child to two, followed by a rough patch of postpartum depression. I believe in the truth contained throughout this course. I am thankful to  be going thru it again, this time with my husband. I am hopeful, our reality will positively manifest two-fold.

I needed to write a new DMP (Definite Major Purpose) Statement and I had nothing, no idea whatsoever where to begin. My husband has been traveling since last Friday, so single parenting two little boys hasn’t exactly given me much time for reflection. I deeded to take them up to St Paul to see my brother’s new place near the beautiful Basilica and go for a walk along the river. We all had an amazing time. I think I must have caught some energy from the city or something. My boys peacefully fell asleep on the car ride home. I tucked them in, kicked up my feet in front of the fire and started writing…before I knew it my DMP was done. Ideas were flying out from my fingertips. I just have a totally renewed energy again for the first time is a really long time. As I said before, in my very first blog post, if this much positive impact can come from a single week, I can’t wait to see where I will be at the conclusion of this round of MKE in March 2019!


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