“Living With a DMP.” MKMMA Wk 23


It’s pretty awesome that we were able to have a little escape to Colorado last week and I accomplished just as much in my business on vacation as a typical week at home. When you are living from a Definite Major Purpose, I believe that you automatically attract people who need what you have to offer, particularly when your focus is just on how you can be of service to others.

My son Brandt made a new friend with a little girl who happened to be the daughter of the spa manager where we were staying. We wound up connecting and discussing her financial and wellness goals, exchanged information, and are now in communication about how we can work together to help her reach her goals.

There was another couple that were soaking in the same pool that we were and I noticed she had a European accent. I was just being friendly and asked where she was from. She said Germany, which is really cool, because my Dad’s whole ancestry is based in Germany. We enjoyed a very interesting conversation about politics, food sources, GMOs, and spirituality and surprisingly we are in agreement on all of those sensitive topics. We also exchanged information and she is now a customer of mine as well. Her name is Gabriele. Her and her husband live on five acres in Lake George, CO. They come to the hot springs once a week, and we just happened to cross paths in a brief 20 minute window that will likely grow into a unique friendship.


purpose quoteBefore creating a DMP statement, life had meaning, but was not much more than a series of random events and encounters. Now, I see from the place of the observer and I understand that I am creating my reality each and every day. I believe that the people I encounter are there to teach me something or to learn something from me. I feel so blessed to be one of the few that have gained the wisdom and knowledge the MKE course has provided. I want to thank Mark for answering the call of his true purpose and Davene for coming along side and pursuing the creation of this course. I am looking forward to collaborating with Davene and her MasterMind Team to awaken more people to their Divine Calling.


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