Inspiration – MKMMA Wk 17


What motivates you?

What inspires you?

What moves you to take action?

These are the things I love to learn about my clients. I have worked for many years in the arena of health and wellness, specifically in weight loss. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of people, seeing their lives transform right before my eyes. Being overweight brings so many residual emotional side effects as well as the more evident physical ones. If I could pinpoint a common theme to what I have taken away from the MKMMA experience so far, it would be that everything starts in the mind. Once a person makes the decision they are ready for positive change in their life, I get to go to work helping them uncover what has been blocking them from attaining their ultimate goal. Those of us experiencing the MKMMA course know, of course, that we are truly our only obstacle, and it is our thinking that keeps us stuck or propels us forward.

What is fascinating is that some people are motivated by pleasure, but most people are motivated by pain. When it comes to the issue of weight loss, most of the time there is a defining moment for a person that things get to a certain point where that spark goes off in their mind that enough is enough and they take the first step toward getting help or making choices that will get them out of the position they have found themselves in. Sometimes it is a hurtful comment, sometimes it is an embarrassing situation like not being able to fit into an airplane seat or a ride at the fair with their kids. I have wondered why it has to come to this. Why is it that people are not motivated by the idea of living life to the fullest, having abundant energy, peaceful sleep, and a body free of pain?

Sometimes is my travels, I encounter people, and they begin talking about something they would like to be different in their lives. Sometimes I think there might be a sign on my forehead that reads, “Please tell me everything.” I love it, though. I love finding out what people’s goals and dreams are and what is getting in the way of them accomplishing those goals and dreams. One of my favorite questions is, “So, what is stopping you from making that happen?” Of course, there can be a whole host of answers depending on the situation, but ultimately, they are usually excuses that outweigh their desire for change.

I was talking to a lady while I was waiting to board my flight and she told me how she was going to visit her son and grandkids in Phoenix. Keep in mind this is January and she and I both happen to live in MN where it was below zero most of last week. She went on to tell me how she and her husband are both retired and it should be them living somewhere warm. Naturally I asked her what was keeping her from moving. She said they have a large house and it will be quite a process. I got the impression that she has a lot of stuff and would need to downsize. OK? What about selling the house furnished, or having a moving sale? She said, yes, maybe, but I would still have to go through what pictures we would take with us. Oh my word. I had a hard time understanding how “stuff” could be keeping this woman from being there to watch her grandkids grow up.  I pray that she will find her inspiration while she visits them over the next two weeks to start the process of leaving stuff behind to go make memories that will last forever.

I am so thankful to be a part of this course and to have rediscovered my true purpose of coaching people into their fullness of life and helping to ignite their inspiration. It is truly a blessing. Often times the first point of contact I have with someone is when they decide to lose weight, but in the process I get to be there as they transform and shed those pounds that were holding them hostage in their own body. In a way it is a similar process to what I have experienced in the MKMMA course. Even though for me, extra pounds wasn’t what was holding me back, I have gone through a mental diet and detoxification process that has freed me to uncover my true purpose and be able to walk in my gifts to help make the world a better place.

Have a great week!



8 thoughts on “Inspiration – MKMMA Wk 17”

  1. Sara, how wonderful that this has reignited your passion and purpose for coaching and helping others! I have just this week been thinking about this also, in terms of coaching. I figure I had better dust off my coaching certification and skills, lol!

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  2. I love the enthusiasm and passion that comes across when you talk about helping others in their journey to true health. I can see you being great at this as you genuinely care about each person. So glad that the MKMMA has helped you realize this passion and to have the thinking to make it successful for you.

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