Breakthrough – MKMMA Wk 16


I have chosen this title for this weeks topic based on the Law of Growth: Whatever I think about grows. I need a breakthough, so I will put my focus and attention toward “Breakthrough.”

I could let shame win and keep it a secret that I need a breakthrough, but that would be exactly what the enemy of our mind wants. Instead, I choose to operate in courage and bring it to the light to squelch the power of darkness.

I have experienced some intense pain this week, and I have also experienced intense joy. I find that each time I press through the pain and choose to keep moving forward, there is a breakthrough right around the corner.

BreakthroughI am also grateful for some strategies that I learned this week to take control and be the observer of those painful emotions rather than let them affect me like they once did.

I even came to a point where I felt I needed to find somewhere else to stay to escape from the pain. I believe these intense painful emotions are spirits or pain bodies that are here to steal my joy, and create strife, discord, and chaos in my family. I am done with them. The enemy has been warned. If he is going to inflict pain on me and my family, I will take a break, but it will be to go out, change somebody’s life, and make the world a better place.

breakthrough quote



4 thoughts on “Breakthrough – MKMMA Wk 16”

  1. Sara, the enemy is defeated in the Name of Jesus!! Use the Word in You to make him leave your home! At the Name of Jesus every demon has to flee. You know that . He knows that . Use your Authority!! I’ll be praying for you! ❤️


  2. It is great to see you focus on a breakthrough and courage. You are correct that what we focus on grows. It is good to focus on courage and push through the tough times. Let me know if I can help you in any way.


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