MKMMA Week 8 – “Why?”

I think this may be my favorite question. It is so simple, yet it has the potential to reveal EVERYTHING! I know if you ask my mom, she would tell you without a doubt I got a lot of use out of that word in my toddler years.

I will admit however, that I was not a big fan of its use in this week’s exercise. I did not look forward to mentally disassembling a battle ship every day in my quiet time, yet it did help me see the battleship and anything else for that matter in a different light. Ordinarily, I find that I tend to take many things at face value without digging deeper and pondering the reasons or meanings behind things or how they came to be.

As I followed instructions and saw the battleship coming apart, all the way back to the manufacturing of the steel, then the architechtural plans before the ship existed. Then, it becomes fascinating to think that this massive war machine had to be completely designed from thought alone. Amazing. Why? Why did the battleship need to be created? Of course to aid in fighting the war, but why? I found myself wondering what was the war about? What were the events that led up to the culmination of the war? Was there a single event that transpired which led to a chain reaction that eventually brought about this massive ship that changed the course of history? Suddenly, the battleship became significantly more interesting than I had ever given it credit for.

The further I get into this course, the more I realize just how absolutely brilliant, magnificent, and powerful the mind really is. What’s even more incredible is to think about the source of creativity and power that manifests through thought. I listened to a lecture this past year from a great profit by the name of Kevin Vallotton. I recall him describing his vision of heaven; that there are actually invention rooms up there and the ideas for those inventions are downloaded to the minds on earth that are prepared to receive them. That just gives me so much motivation to quiet my mind and tune into my Divine creativity. I can only imagine receiving the blueprints for an amazing invention, and one day meet the person or people in heaven that helped create it.

Then another mystery crosses my mind as I sit here and think about the new little life growing in my belly. Out of billions of sperm and millions of eggs, there is only one combination that came together to create this miracle. All of the dna required to create each unique and individual feature this baby will have was already predetermined right down to its fingerprints, which means each of the other billions of unique sperm and millions of unique eggs each have their own unique DNA makeup. It is my belief that our Creator designed each one with its own unique makeup. Think of the creativity! And we were each born with all of that in place! Just amazing. I just feel so blessed to be a part of this MKMMA training that is teaching me to develop such a reverence and new amazement for my Creator and the source of all life and all things.


14 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 8 – “Why?””

  1. Sara thank you for your insights into this weeks exercise. It is really interesting to dig deeper into the why’s of the battleship. I have done similar exercises with the why’s of my dreams and it can be very enlightening. I love to read your posts, they are so well worded.


  2. Wow, you think wonderfully deep! The engineer in me loved dissembling the battle ship but then I floundered with the procurement discussions and the ideas needed to make creating the ship a reality. It was neat reading your blog, you got where I didn’t. Thanks.


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