MKMMA Week 6 – “Love. The Greatest Law”


Halleliujah! We got to move on to Scroll II this week. I am so glad I did not peek. Not even a glance.

Recently, Haanel’s Master Keys talked about how fear must be absolutely irradicated from our thoughts. What is the greatest weapon against fear?

LOVE! Perfect love casts out ALL fear. [1 John 4:18]

I find it absolutely brilliant that Scroll II, the first scroll beyond the introductory scroll, is all about LOVE!

“I will greet this day with love in my heart. For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures.” We are instructed in this scroll to confront each person we meet by silently addressing them and saying I Love You. What a difference this makes! It is such a subtle, simple choice, yet it is SO powerful! It changes your whole outlook! I can only imagine what a different world we would live in these five pages would be lived out in the hearts of all mankind. If you are reading this concept for the first time, I challenge you to try it. Do it just for one day, and see what happens!

I was fortunate this week to be on both the giving and receiving ends of this superior emotion. It was my birthday week, and my husband was gone all week on an elk trip in Colorado with no way to communicate. We are brand new to our community and our church. Naturally, I experienced some feelings of lonliness and anxiety that my one special day was going to come and go without feeling loved or appreciated. I awoke at 5:30 am feeling this way. The first hour of the day I got to spend alone with the Lord, curled up on the couch by the fireplace, which is unusual when most days it is inevitable that I will here the pitter patter of little feet within 10 minutes of getting up. The first word I heard that morning was an enthusiastic, “Mommy!” from my precious little boy, who then climbed up next to me and snuggled for a while. Love.

We went on to have a nice breakfast, then onto my Mom’s group, where I got in an amazing workout, and a wonderful, sincere discussion on the topic of Belief. One of the ladies in my group shared her story  including her experiences as an Oncology Nurse. The tissue box got a lot of use that morning.

I had been invited to a luncheon by a new friend from church, and I agreed to go, but of course I would not say, by the way, it is my birthday that day.  I experienced a little bit of anxiety about what it would be like, who would be there, etc. Those feelings were immediately extinguished by, you guessed it, LOVE, as soon as I arrived. I had a mini emergency with my son, Brandt, so I was running late to the luncheon, but I was greeted with, “You didn’t tell us it was your birthday!” One of the ladies had jumped on facebook. I also got to announce my pregnancy, and they were all so genuinely excited to hear the news. It was a wonderful time. Two of my absolute favorite things were served: Chicken Wild Rice Soup and Grapefruit La Croix, and the hostess didn’t even know me beyond a few quick encounters coming and going from church.

I came home to my neighbor girls delivering a dozen red roses that my husband coordinated before he left. He also had an amazing, heartfeld card mailed to our house. Five minutes after kicking my feet up on the couch, I received a nice call from my brother, then my Dad. Perfect timing. For dinner, I got to hang out with my sweet boy, over a plate of fruit, expensive cheese, and fancy portobello and porcini ravioli, while wearing a tshirt and comfy pants. Later, another nice call from my Mom. The last thing I saw before heading to bed was Brandt curled up next to his new Let’s Go Fishin’ game holding one of the fish in his precious little hand. Of course, without a doubt God stepped in an orchestrated every detail perfectly. One of the best birthday’s I can remember. I went to sleep with a full heart. Love.

Brandt Mommy


3 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 6 – “Love. The Greatest Law””

  1. Sara, that is awesome!! Sounds like the kind of day I love as well! Thanks for sharing your life with us! I also LOVE Scroll #2. I read it to my kids this week! 🙂 Simple things can make such a huge difference!


  2. This is my favorite scroll of Og’s. I am glad you enjoyed it and that your birthday was filled with love because you had been concentrating on that for a few days. What we focus on expands. Sounds like you have a great community that you are getting to know.


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