MKMMA Week 2 – “Attraction”

law of attractionThis week we are learning to start to focus our thoughts and intentions to bring us closer to our definite major purpose. I am still in the defining stages of what that is exactly, but I wanted to share a really cool story with you about something that happened to me this week.

Part of our exercise this week was to create two index cards stating our two main personal pivotal needs. One of the cards was a chore card, where we listed one “chore” we promised to get done by this coming Sunday. Next to the chore, we were directed to draw a blue rectangle, and which I believe has something to do with linking our subconscious to our conscious mind, bringing us closer to our purpose. I may be totally off here, but that’s not the point. Bear with me.

While revising my purpose statement, a vision came to me of creating a retirement village in a peaceful setting where the elderly can come to really enjoy life to the fullest during their golden years. It wasn’t a new vision, it had just been dormant for some time. Over the next couple of days, I began to feel doubt and insecurity creep in about the magnitude of creating this place. Was this really part of my purpose, or was it just something that I am making up that sounds good?

Here is where it gets cool. I was out running errands. On my first stop, I was waiting at the check-out line, when in walks a lady that I met out in South Dakota, 8 hours from here! She happens to be the mother of the woman that I was dreaming and brainstorming about this place two years ago!  What are the odds? Then, I had to return some items at Target. I walked in, and saw that Customer Service was down to the right. I needed a card, so I turned left, and stopped there first. Who do I run right in to, but the Activities Coordinator that I worked with at my previous job as a Wellness Coordinator for a retirement village! That is where this vision started to develop, and she was wearing blue rectangular glasses! We caught up for 20 minutes and she ended with saying, “Follow your dreams, and if you create this place before I die, I’ll do your activities.” How cool is that? Life is SO much more exciting when we are living with purpose and intention!


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