MKE Week 11 “Simply Faith.”


Taking this MKE course for a second time has just made me awe-struck with how unbelievably amazing our Creator is! This week we are to meditate on Matthew 11:24: “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.” God has created us to have desires that bring us fulfillment and happiness. He has instilled in us the same creative power He used to create the Universe! Before there was anything, there was a thought, and a vision, then the spoken word, then the manifestation of the original thought.

We are simply to believe that we have already received the desire of our heart that we prayed for, and it will come to fruition. We don’t have to toil, we don’t have to strive, we just have to believe, and watch as the law of attraction goes to work and seemingly magical circumstances begin to happen.

Is it not such a relief that we need not concern ourselves with the how, but just the desired outcome? I am so thankful that I made the decision almost a month ago, to step into my purpose, and realized the value in my time and talent that I had been giving away for so many years. Literally, one month ago, I was having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I had completely lost who I really was. Now, my head is clear, and my passion has been reignited! I feel so blessed to be able to share these amazing truths and watch people blossom into the person they were put on this earth to be!



MKE Week 7 – “Decisions Determine Destiny”



One decision and BOOM, my life totally changed course over a matter of a couple of days. On Friday I was a stay at home mom, contemplating life, struggling through most days, trying to determine the next season of my life and what direction I wanted to go. Now it is Wednesday, just 5 days later and I am a practicing Life Coach! I should preface this by stating that I have been faithfully reading my purpose statement daily, which states my fulfillment practicing as a Life Coach for 10 hours per week. I am still a little bit in shock, but it’s like a light switch was flipped on inside of me and I am wide awake now!

It was Friday morning, and I was at home with my two boys on a typical day. My husband had left for work, and was planning on heading out for the night on a hunting trip and wouldn’t be home until late Saturday night. I reluctantly agreed to the trip to which I was given less than 24 hours notice. My boys are 2 1/2 and 5. This isn’t exactly an easy season. I can’t recall exactly what was going on that morning, but I was trying to get out the door to a friend’s house and both boys were not cooperating. In that moment, something rose up in me, and I realized that I was putting myself in the backseat. I texted my husband, told him how I felt, that I don’t want to be in this position anymore of scrambling to make plans so I am not stuck at home with two very spirited little boys for two days. About an hour later, I checked my phone and was somewhat shocked to read his response, that he had actually turned around, was heading back to the office and would be home by dinner time. Major guilt set in at first, that I had ruined his plans. A couple of hours later my brother invited me out for dinner. A conversation with a good, old friend, confirmed it was ok. I should go out with my brothers. Right about the same time, my husband offered to stay home with the boys so I could go. I had a birthday the previous Monday, and was feeling like I needed to be around a good, positive friend. I reached out to a somewhat new friend that I had met through one of my best friends, but really clicked. She is a beautiful, successful professional, and mom to two young girls. Not only is she fun to hang out with, but we are like minded, and both appreciate deep, intellectual conversation about real life. Turned out she was looking for something to do that night, so dinner with my brothers turned into a belated mini-birthday celebration. We had an awesome time having dinner and drinks in downtown St. Paul. On a side note, a good friend of hers also joined us, who had been needing to get his car to St. Paul and needed a ride back to the city where my friend lives. One of those stars aligned kind of nights.

My friend and I had planned to do a hike Saturday afternoon, but the weather didn’t cooperate and so she invited me to a vision board party that evening, where the conversation about dreams and aspirations started. The party was a good half hour away, so we carpooled from her place. When we got back, the conversation continued, and that something rose up again. She had started talking about a goal she had, that she wasn’t able to reach yet.  I believe I said that everywhere I go, I wind up coaching the people I talk to, whether they be friends or strangers. See? I am coaching you right now.  “Why do I keep giving my time away for free?” Soon after that she said, “Well, I have this goal, and I haven’t been able to reach it on my own. I want to hire you to help me. I don’t even know what you charge.” I said, “I don’t either, what is it worth to you to achieve your goal?” She fired a number back immediately. “Done.” It all happened so quick, but as soon as she hired me, I realized she is my ideal client. I want to work with high achievers, who have something they haven’t been able to figure out in their own thinking. And I get the privilege to come along side of them, and help them to examine any potential limiting beliefs that have been holding them back, edit the thoughts, collaborate on new strategies and watch them soar to new heights!

This might actually be the answer to my question, why in the world did I need to get a B.S. degree in Chemistry? As a college student, I did it because I was undecided on Law School, Grad School, or Med School. I knew I had passed courses more difficult than I would ever see in Medical School, and in my thinking, if I achieved the most difficult degree, I could have done any of the others. Now, I believe that qualifies me to coach the critical thinkers; the professionals; the world changers. The brilliance is already within the client. It is just my job to excavate the cement that is preventing them from shining their brightest. What is so amazing, that I have learned after just one session, is that in the process I become aware of my own cement, and I feel I will be shining brighter after every new session.

Og Mandinth[5]o, Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll I: “I am a new person, with a new life.” Indeed. Amazing.

Had I not shared how I truly felt, my husband wouldn’t have come home, and none of this would have happened. For that, I am eternally grateful to him for recognizing what I needed. Ultimately, by being true to my authentic self, the door to my destiny and true purpose was unlocked and I have chosen to walk through it. It is an exhilarating feeling!


MKE Wk 6 “Cause and Effect”

This is my second time through the MKE (Master Key Experience).  There is so much information that has been covered so far, but for me, the whole point of this experience is to grasp the concept that thought is the cause and circumstances are the effect. When this idea is coupled with the fact that 90% of our actions are determined by our subconscious mind, it is just fascinating to me. Think about it. 90% of our actions and decisions are pre-programmed by our subconscious mind. So who is doing the programming? The thing is, we have total control over what we allow to go in to our mind and what we choose to believe about ourselves. If you’re reading this and already a part of the MKE, you have probably already done this, but if you’re not then I have a challenge for you. Observe your thoughts, and what you say. What are you believing about yourself, and what are you speaking over yourself for that matter? “I am so sick and tired of….?” Yep, you most certainly are. “I can’t….I’m not good at…..” It seems to me as I talk with people, that everyone has their own set of struggles, but they feel like the struggles are happening to them, and when are they going to get a breakthrough?

I have been in that position myself. Now I know the truth, that what I think about expands, so what am I thinking about? What am I focusing on? JOY. I spent the better part of 3 years of my life suffering from severe depression and anxiety. I know now, that I was laser focused on everything that was wrong. Now  I am reawakened to the truth, that ultimately I have all the power within me to change my current circumstances, just by what I am thinking. Joy is the opposite of despair, so joy is what I want to attract and expand in my life. Every morning, I play a song by For King and Country called…you got it…JOY.

“I choose Joy. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of night. Oh with you by my side, I’m stepping into the Light.”

Isn’t it empowering that we can program ourselves to be who we want to be by the power of our own thinking?!? So, the first line of my purpose statement is this: “I awake each morning energized, joyful, and full of life.”

In this past week, I have had two encounters with women that are suffering from depression and deep sadness. I feel so blessed that I was given the opportunity to share some of this truth with each of them, that I know will have a positive lasting effect on their lives going forward. I believe these encounters were both manifestations of another one of my purpose statements. “The light of Jesus shines through me and I have a positive effect on every person I encounter.”

“From Overwhelmed to Energized” MKE Wk 1

So this is a new start again. I began this journey 3 years ago in a different house, a different city, and one less child. It is refreshing to read the encouraging words from Scroll 1 again. I am shocked to the extent that I let a negative thought pattern creep back in after completing the first course. I am going to give myself some grace though. I had just had a new baby, and the transition from one child to two, followed by a rough patch of postpartum depression. I believe in the truth contained throughout this course. I am thankful to  be going thru it again, this time with my husband. I am hopeful, our reality will positively manifest two-fold.

I needed to write a new DMP (Definite Major Purpose) Statement and I had nothing, no idea whatsoever where to begin. My husband has been traveling since last Friday, so single parenting two little boys hasn’t exactly given me much time for reflection. I deeded to take them up to St Paul to see my brother’s new place near the beautiful Basilica and go for a walk along the river. We all had an amazing time. I think I must have caught some energy from the city or something. My boys peacefully fell asleep on the car ride home. I tucked them in, kicked up my feet in front of the fire and started writing…before I knew it my DMP was done. Ideas were flying out from my fingertips. I just have a totally renewed energy again for the first time is a really long time. As I said before, in my very first blog post, if this much positive impact can come from a single week, I can’t wait to see where I will be at the conclusion of this round of MKE in March 2019!

“Responsibility” MKMMA Wk 24


It is somewhat surreal to be sitting her writing my last blog post for this MKE course. If I had to choose one word to describe what I have taken away from this experience over the past 6 months, it would be “Responsibility.” What I mean by this is that I have a full awareness and understanding that I am 100% responsible for the state of my current existence and I also have the ability to change my circumstances by changing my thought life. It the creative power of thought supercedes physical manifestation, then it stands to reason that each and every one of us is ultimately responsible for our reality, since we are the only one that can choose what we are going to think about.

I have also learned the universal law that what we think about expands. If I think about the things I used to be afraid of, like not having enough money, or the debt that needs to be paid, unfortunately I am just attracting more circumstances that make my thoughts become reality. To eliminate the fear of lack, I need to cultivate thoughts of abundance.

Love is the greatest law. By simply having the mindset, “I will greet this day with love in my heart,” and silently greeting everyone I encounter with, “I love you,” changes the whole tone of the day. love_heart_hdtv_1080p-wide

I learned how powerful the emotion of gratitude is. During the majority of the course, we set aside a few minutes each day to reflect on three new things to be grateful for every day. Considering the Law of Attraction, by focusing on what we are grateful for, rather than what we are lacking, we set in motion the law of attraction which brings about more to be grateful for.

This next one is really quite mind-blowing; 100% of our decisions are made by our subconscious, which is composed of over 34 billion cells working 24/7 to manifest our beliefs. So, what are we letting into our minds? I have learned to be a diligent “Watchman at the Gate” to protect my mind from toxic material and take care to focus the majority of my thoughts on my goals and dreams, rather than dwelling on undesirable circumstances. I think my favorite revelation in this is that we do not need to focus on how we are going to accomplish something, only the object of our desire. The how will appear, and that is the job of our subconscious, that never sleeps, constantly working to manifest what we program it to do.

I have learned to thoroughly enjoy total solitude and quiet time. I believe there are invention rooms in Heaven, and for those of us that are awake and aware, those ideas will be released to conscious and capable minds that take the time to connect with the Universal Consciousness, or what I believe to be the Mind of Christ.

Most importantly, I have created a Definite Major Purpose. I have discovered so much about who I am and why I am here over the past six months, all while carrying my second baby, which is due to meet us in about two weeks. I have been given such a gift with the wisdom and knowledge I have gleaned from this course that I have the privilege of passing on to my kids from the beginning of their precious little lives. One thing I am sure to do each and every night when I tuck my little one in is after bedtime prayers, I always ask him about his day and what his favorite things was that day. I am teaching him gratitude and shaping his subconscious focus on what he is grateful for each night as he drifts off to sleep. He is only 2 and 1/2 and already in the habit of sharing his favorite part of the day even if I hadn’t gotten around to asking him yet.

I have shared only a small sampling of how this course has impacted my life. I believe the more people who invest their time and effort into this Master Key Experience, the better world we will live in. Please stay tuned for more information on how you can experience this life-changing course for yourself. Thank you to those of you who have supported and encouraged me through this journey. We will always have a special connection.


~ Sara Wennerlind






“Living With a DMP.” MKMMA Wk 23


It’s pretty awesome that we were able to have a little escape to Colorado last week and I accomplished just as much in my business on vacation as a typical week at home. When you are living from a Definite Major Purpose, I believe that you automatically attract people who need what you have to offer, particularly when your focus is just on how you can be of service to others.

My son Brandt made a new friend with a little girl who happened to be the daughter of the spa manager where we were staying. We wound up connecting and discussing her financial and wellness goals, exchanged information, and are now in communication about how we can work together to help her reach her goals.

There was another couple that were soaking in the same pool that we were and I noticed she had a European accent. I was just being friendly and asked where she was from. She said Germany, which is really cool, because my Dad’s whole ancestry is based in Germany. We enjoyed a very interesting conversation about politics, food sources, GMOs, and spirituality and surprisingly we are in agreement on all of those sensitive topics. We also exchanged information and she is now a customer of mine as well. Her name is Gabriele. Her and her husband live on five acres in Lake George, CO. They come to the hot springs once a week, and we just happened to cross paths in a brief 20 minute window that will likely grow into a unique friendship.


purpose quoteBefore creating a DMP statement, life had meaning, but was not much more than a series of random events and encounters. Now, I see from the place of the observer and I understand that I am creating my reality each and every day. I believe that the people I encounter are there to teach me something or to learn something from me. I feel so blessed to be one of the few that have gained the wisdom and knowledge the MKE course has provided. I want to thank Mark for answering the call of his true purpose and Davene for coming along side and pursuing the creation of this course. I am looking forward to collaborating with Davene and her MasterMind Team to awaken more people to their Divine Calling.

“Last Minute Getaway.” MKMMA Wk 22



My personal pivotal needs are liberty and true health, so it was quite a blessing, like I stated in last weeks post, to discover what was making me so sick was a simple and controllable adjustment. The inflammation that was causing so much pain in my back was about 30% better within 48 hours. One of the first things that occurred to me as I started feeling better is that we hadn’t yet planned a little getaway before the new baby arrives. I had been in such a fog, I didn’t realize how quickly my travel window was closing in.

Fast and furious, we called on a travel agent that was referred to me by a good friend. I really wanted to get away to some sun and sandy beaches after being cooped up in the frozen Minnesota tundra for the long, gray winter, but quickly realized we had missed our window and it was going to cost us $1000/day just for airfare and lodging. Plan B was a quick visit to Castle Rock, CO, the town we had just moved from in June, visit a few good friends and head up to the mountain hot springs for a few days. Since we couldn’t get the warm, tropical air and beach, at least we could still get the Colorado sunshine with cool air and the warm soothing waters of the hot springs.


We stayed with our good friends The Varney’s three houses down from our old house on Storm Cloud Way. Sunday we visited our old church and got to reconnect with many of the special people that had played a significant role in shaping our lives during the three years we lived there. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and love. I should have known to wear waterproof mascara that day.


It was so therapeutic and peaceful to drive through the picturesque Rocky Mountains. We arrived at the hot springs spa at about 3:00 in the afternoon, got settled and made our way down to the warm pools. Oh my gosh, there is something so magical about stepping from super cool air into warm, soothing water. And when you are surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it is even better. The next morning my husband Dan brought Brandt down for breakfast. I joined them for a quick breakfast, and decided I would take a morning soak in the hot springs while they finished up. I had the warm pool to myself. It was so cold, but the sun was shining and it was so quiet. I looked up the mountain side to see a family of deer frolicking down the mountain together. In that moment, I had such a feeling of total well-being and freedom. We had an amazing time and came back rejuvenated and reconnected, ready to start this next exciting chapter as a family of four!

MKMMA Experience